Devices can be connected to your computer in different ways through many different ports. Look at the back of any modern PC and you’ll find plenty of device ports. Why? Which should you use?
Mobile phone drivers offer a way to make better use of your cell phone. These drivers for cell phones and mobile phones allow you to attach your cell to your PC just like any other hardware device. Like other hardware, each mobile phone manufacturer will offer certain features for their cell phone that are unique or at least slightly different to the competition.
Drivers in Windows are very easy to uninstall. If the driver came as part of an installed software package (typically for printers and scanners and so on), then the easiest way is to remove the program and all its components from the Windows Control Panel (click ‘Start’ then ‘Control Panel’ and then ‘add or remove programs’).
Drivers are needed by all computer operating systems so that they can communicate with the hardware that makes up the computer. Windows and Linux are examples of operating systems, and the hardware is anything apart from the operating system itself, including video cards, keyboards, hard drives, the mouse, DVD player and so on.
Drivers, once found need to be installed. Updating the drivers is a straightforward process, once you’ve been shown how to do it. Here we’re going to look at installing drivers on Windows XP, though despite the differences, all the Windows versions have some common features so you should have no trouble figuring it out if you don’t run XP